In the meantime, how to kill time…cheaply Monday, Mar 29 2010 

When I was unemployed the thing that killed me the most was that while I had plenty of time to do things, I couldn’t afford to. Whereas every other time in my life, I could afford to, but didn’t have the time.  Sitting on my couch all day only furthered my boredom and depressed me.  If only I liked soap operas or could have afforded dvr at the time maybe I would have fared better.  The problem was, every time I left the confides of my couch and ventured outside, I spent money.  It was a vicious cycle.  So I tried to come up with ways to keep me sane and keep me social during an otherwise depressing time, but that didn’t cost me a lot of money, if any.  For me, running and volunteering were my outlets that I found helpful.  I joined Boston Cares (, but I think most cities have versions of the same (I know New York does at least – It allowed me to be able to sign up for projects online by the time and day without a continuing commitment to at least make me feel like my day had some purpose, which really helped.  Anyway, the point is – if anyone else has some suggestions or cheap restaurants, free outings, or any other stress relieving ideas – please let us know!


Hello! Need help with your resume? Please ask! Sunday, Mar 28 2010 

Welcome to my resume blog and thanks for coming!  This is my final project for a class on social networks and communications technologies and part of my grade is based on people interacting on this blog so please don’t be shy to join in!  My idea is to create a forum for people seeking help with finding a job, looking for help with their resume and sharing ideas with others related to same.  So, if you have a resume you want someone to look at and offer some advice or if you have advice to share – please do!