When I was unemployed the thing that killed me the most was that while I had plenty of time to do things, I couldn’t afford to. Whereas every other time in my life, I could afford to, but didn’t have the time.  Sitting on my couch all day only furthered my boredom and depressed me.  If only I liked soap operas or could have afforded dvr at the time maybe I would have fared better.  The problem was, every time I left the confides of my couch and ventured outside, I spent money.  It was a vicious cycle.  So I tried to come up with ways to keep me sane and keep me social during an otherwise depressing time, but that didn’t cost me a lot of money, if any.  For me, running and volunteering were my outlets that I found helpful.  I joined Boston Cares (bostoncares.org), but I think most cities have versions of the same (I know New York does at least – newyorkcares.org). It allowed me to be able to sign up for projects online by the time and day without a continuing commitment to at least make me feel like my day had some purpose, which really helped.  Anyway, the point is – if anyone else has some suggestions or cheap restaurants, free outings, or any other stress relieving ideas – please let us know!