My first resume was awful. I’m lucky to have ever gotten a job. Luckily, the market was in my favor so it didn’t matter all that much.   But now, with a tough market, your resume needs to look sharp.  The problem most graduates have is that they do not have a lot of work experience so are trying to fill the page.

Along those lines, the first suggestion I have would be to make a border on your resume (to do this, in word go to the “format”, then “border & shading”, then click on “page border” and select one. The example below is “shadow”).  It looks nice and it fills space without seemingly looking like it’s a space filler.  Adding an objective and/or skills may also be a good idea to fill space.  And finally, if you speak another language or have special computer skills that would be a relevant filler as well.  See the example linked below.

New Resume Sample With Borders