If this is not your first resume, and you have a decent amount of work experience under your belt, the challenge becomes making space. Think Scanability! Picture yourself in Human Resources with 100 resumes before you. What appeals to you? Crowded resumes where it is clear the candidate is trying to cram in every single thing they have ever done? No. Too much reading involved. Unorganized resumes? No, doesn’t reflect well on the candidate.

What is appealing is an organized, clean, 1 page resume.

The problem, and I was guilty of this as well, is either: (1) for the most recent job I had I would list the most bullet points under my job title as it was what I was doing then, it was relevant. But then I would get a new job, and not delete some of the bullets from the last job…after a few different jobs this adds up and my resume was too long; or (2) the other issue is that a lot of times I would not want to cut a bullet point because that bullet point was important to me, I spent a good amount of time, say, reading and summarizing depositions as a paralegal.  But, that has very little relevance now to any job I would be applying for, but I grew partial to that bullet point so wouldn’t want to cut it.  Also, if a lot of bullets say the same thing over and over again, you don’t need them all.  So, my advise is to go through your resume as if you are the one doing the hiring, and ask yourself if it is an attractive resume?  If not, how can you make it that way?  If it means you have to cut some of the bullet points, as long as they are not job requirements of the job you are applying for, start snipping!

Additionally, there are ways you can format your resume that make it more appealing and can cut down on the space used for your past work experience.  For example, a functional resume separates your related work experience (with details of same) from your work history (which is simply listed).  This is good if you have a varied employment history, have been in the work force for a while, or switched fields at some point.

Functional Resume Example

90 Sample Resumes – samples of all types of formats/ways to organize