I admit I do not have a lot of experience with blogs as resumes, but it’s becoming more of a trend as blogs and technology grow and it is something to consider, and in certain fields, it is common and even expected.  While on the one hand a blog can provide more information that you can’t fit on a resume and  can be more personal, on the downside it needs to be maintained and may not get viewed by the potential employer.  As such, I don’t believe it can hurt, but if you are in a field that traditionally is not accustomed to a blog as a resume I would submit your resume ( a full, complete resume) and put a link on it to the blog.  Assume the blog won’t be seen, but have it be a nice bonus if it is.  Below, find some articles discussing the pros and cons of the blog as a resume.

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Experts: More Job Seekers Using Blogs As Resumes

If you do decide to do a blog as a resume, below find some suggestions on how to do it, what to link to and what to include.

Some basic advice that is in these articles that I want to stress: (1) write well! Remember typos in your blog will be seen as a typo in your resume and will not look make you look good , and (2) keep the blog professional – remember your audience that will be reading this, i.e. don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your potential employer to read and don’t provide links to anywhere with inappropriate content (i.e. facebook).

Use Your Blog as a Resume? Part II: Tips and Examples

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