I hate interviewing.  You have to be on your best behavior, seem really enthusiastic about the position and eager, and you know you are being judged the entire time.  Am I dressed right?  Am I giving the right answers?  Do they like me?  You can never be prepared for everything, but you can certainly stack your odds to make a good impression.  Here are my suggestions on how to do that:

(1) Do your research!  Know the company and what the position entitles;

(2) Come with questions to ask.  Questions = interest; and

(3) Be prepared to answer any questions they might have.  Look over the first two articles linked below and have answers ready to these questions. You can never be prepared for everything, but try not show surprise and keep your composure.  The more prepared you are or feel the easier this will be.

On a side note, I was once asked by an interviewer where I was seeking an associate position as a lawyer what my SAT score was….I hesitated, and he responded “you must not have done very well if you can’t remember.”  In my defense, my hesitation was more along the lines of “He can’t be serious, I’ve graduated college, law school, and passed the bar exam – why can this matter??”  I thought that was the end all of me, but I did get the position – so don’t beat yourself up if you think you haven’t answered everything well, you never know.

Below are some sites that have good additional tips and questions to ask/ you may be asked.  Take the time to read these – they are good!

Interview Tips – in addition to good tips, this site has  a good list of questions you may be asked and questions you may want to ask.

Interview Questions and Answers – also has good questions you might be asked that you should be prepared to answer.

Acting the Interview – good tips to read.