Email was once a form of informal communication.  Now that it is becoming commonplace as a way of communicating, how does this effect your job search? What can and can’t be emailed? In a nutshell, I would recommend the following can be emailed: submitting your resume and writing a thank you note.  I don’t believe there is any prejudice to you if you email these.  That having been said, I am still one of the old fashion kind of people who like the hard copy so would say mail those if you have the option to.

What I would not put in an email: anything related to negotiations for the position and follow-ups.  I think negotiations are best handled preferably in person, and if that is not an option, over the phone.  For follow-ups, I think it adds a little something extra to call.  This enables you to give one last impression to the potential employer in case they haven’t made the decision yet.  Additionally, as we all know, tone does not translate in an email and you don’t want it to get misinterpreted or your potential employer turned off by same.

Finally, remember (always) that though you are using email, treat this as a letter.  Have correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation and do not use emoticons!

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